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LV Power Switchboards

LV Power Switchboards

Anord Low Voltage Power Switchgear is constructed from the Anord AMS range, a flexible modular system that is designed and constructed upon standard “building blocks”, therefore providing a level of customization yet unknown to the North American and LATAM markets.

We listen to our client’s requirements in terms of technical performance, functionality, equipment line-up and available space, and work closely with them to develop a custom switchboard design that meets or exceeds all of these criteria. Furthermore, we are a vendor neutral business and can integrate all major circuit breaker brands within our modular design.

Anord LV Power switchboards have an unrivalled installed base in the most critical aspects of many Uptime Certified data centre power systems, whereby reliability and uptime are of paramount importance. This is why Anord LV Power switchboards are the product of choice for UPS Input-Output Switchboards, Critical Bypass Switchboards and Generator Paralleling Switchboards. We integrate seamlessly with 3rd party equipment vendors to include UPS and Generator controls, PLC controls, Kirk Key Interlocks and can incorporate static bypass switches into the switchgear line-up using our 3D solid modelling software. All of this in a modern aesthetically pleasing design that is up to 40% smaller than the competition.  


  • Seismically tested and certified
  • Tested to UL 891
  • Front or rear access busbar systems, suitable for thermographic imaging
  • Available with Integrated Exertherm thermal monitoring
  • Fixed or withdrawable circuit breakers available
  • Flexible construction with in-line, back-to-back, u and L shaped configurations
  • Top, bottom, front or rear cable access can be provided
  • Compactfootprint giving civil/structural savings
  • Advanced 3D modelling technique delivers consistent construction standards

Specification Overview

Busbar System Ampacity 800A to 5000A
LV Busbar System Short Circuit Rating

(50kA /3 cycles) (65kA /3 cycles)

(85kA /3 cycles) (100kA /3 cycles)

Low Voltage Ratings 240V - 600V
Construction Seperation IEC Form 4b Type 7
Cable Access Top, Bottom, Front or Rear can be provided
Ingress protection

IP 54, IP 42 or IP 31

NEMA 1, 2, 3 & 3R

Panel Colour Available in all RAL